Nigerian current affairs quiz- #4

Nigerian current affairs

Test your knowledge on Nigerian current affairs with the fifteen questions below. Kindly drop your answers in the comment box before clicking on next page which will reveal the correct answers. PLEASE NO CHEATING! Now, you’ll know you knew nothing about Nigeria.

1. Who was the first female vice chancellor in Nigerian university?

2. What does the eagle in the Nigerian coat of arm represent?

3. Nigeria is divided into how many geopolitical zones?

4. What is the first TV station in Nigeria?

5. Who composed the new Nigerian National Anthem?

6. Which State has the slogan: Centre of Commerce

7. Nigeria alongside which African country founded ECOWAS?

8. “Egbe Omo Oduduwa” metamorphosed into which political party?

9. Who was the first American President to visit Nigeria?

10. Which state is Kanji dam located?

11. Who is the current Governor of Ondo State?

12. Which year did General Sani Abacha died?

13. Profess Peller the magician was killed while praying: True/False

14. The first storey in Nigeria is located in which state?

15. Rashidi Yekeni was a Nigerian ______?


18 thoughts on “Nigerian current affairs quiz- #4

  1. 1.Prof.Grace Alele Williams
    2. Strength
    4.WMTV now NTA
    5 Inspector Benedict Odiase
    7 Togo
    8 AG
    9 Bill Clinton
    10 Niger state
    11 Rotimi Akeredolu
    12 1998
    13 true
    14 lagos state
    15 footballer

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