Nigerian current affairs quiz- #3

Nigerian current affairs

Test your knowledge on Nigerian current affairs with the fifteen questions below. Kindly drop your answers in the comment box before clicking on next page which will reveal the correct answers. PLEASE NO CHEATING! Now, you’ll know you knew nothing about Nigeria.

1. What is the first electoral body in Nigeria called?

2. The Second Republic in Nigeria lasted for how many years?

3. Fela Anikulapo died in which year?

4. Who was the famous man who spearheaded the Jihad war?

5. The first Nigerian national anthem was composed by who?

6. Who formed the first political party in Nigeria and in which year?

7. What does the Y shape stands for on the Nigerian shield?

8. Indirect rule was succesful in the eastern part of Nigeria. True/False

9. Which year did the mid-western region of Nigeria gained their self governance?

10. When was the first coup in Nigeria?

11. Blessing Okagbare is well known for which sport?

12. Which year was the office of the prime minister created?

13. The House of Representatives in Nigeria consist of how many members?

14. How many local government do Nigeria have?

15. The motion for self goverance was moved in 1953 by who?


7 thoughts on “Nigerian current affairs quiz- #3

  1. 1.FEDECO 2.five years answer 4.Usman dan fodio 5.Mrs LJ Williams 6.Herbert Macaulay 7.River Niger and River Benue 8.false answer 10.January 15 1966. 11.Athletic 12.1963. 13.109. 14.774. 15.Anthony Enahoro.


  2. Dear Mrs/Miss Favour,
    thank you for attempting the questions…
    Your Result:- You got 8&1/2 out of 15
    * The answer to No. 6 is ‘Herbert Macaulay and 1923’, but you wrote ‘Herbert Macaulay’ alone, so you got half mark.
    Kindly check the next page (page 2) to see all the answers to the questions.


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