Nigerian current affairs quiz- #2

Nigerian current affairs

Test your knowledge on Nigerian current affairs with the fifteen questions below. Kindly drop your answers in the comment box before clicking on next page which will reveal the correct answers. PLEASE NO CHEATING! Now, you’ll know you knew nothing about Nigeria.

1. Which political party was in power in the second republic?

2. Who composed the Biafran national anthem?

3. Who is the famous poet that died on the battlefield during the Biafran war?

4. Which head of state created the last six states in Nigeria?

5. Which year was Tafawa Balewa killed?

6. Lagos became a crown colony in what year?

7. Which year did Nigeria became a member of Opec?

8. Who was the first chairman of INEC?

9. Who is the current minister for agriculture in Nigeria?

10. Aburi accord took place in what year?

11. In which geo-political zone of Nigeria is Plateau state located?

12. Which country boarders  Nigeria in the west?

13. Prof. Wole Soyinka got a Nobel prize in which year?

14. Which state in Nigeria did river Niger and Benue meet?

15. What is the slogan of Kogi state?


3 thoughts on “Nigerian current affairs quiz- #2

    1. Thanks for attempting the quiz, Mr. Oluwatobiloba. Here is your result.
      Out of the six questions you answered, you got everything right except no. 7. Nigeria joined OPEC in 1971. Also, we guess your no. 8 answer was meant for no. 9. You got that anyway.
      Overall score= 5/15
      Thanks for your visit and sincerity, Mr. Oluwatobiloba. Please visit often.


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