Nigerian current affairs quiz- #1

Nigerian current affairs

Test your knowledge on Nigerian current affairs with the fifteen questions below. Kindly drop your answers in the comment box before clicking on next page which will reveal the correct answers. PLEASE NO CHEATING! Now, you’ll know you knew nothing about Nigeria.


1. Taiwo Akinkumi designed the Nigerian national flag in what year?

2. Who was the head of state when Kenule Saro Wiwa was executed?

3. Argungun fishing festival is celebrated in which state?

4. Who led the Nigerian Advanced Party (NAP) of the second republic?

5. In 1989, how many local government areas do Nigeria have?

6. Aba women’s riot took place in what year?

7. The first newspaper in Nigeria was called?

8. Abuja became the FCT in what year?

9. Who is the youngest military to become the head of state?

10. Who was the ADC to Gen Aguiyi Ironsi?

11. Lagos Youth Movement (LYM) was succeeded by which political party?

12. Who was the last British Governor General of Nigeria?

13. NYSC was established in what year?

14. Which year did Nigeria became a republic?

15. Which year was the Jihad war fought?


9 thoughts on “Nigerian current affairs quiz- #1

  1. I like this Idea but I think it will be more better is a platform is made(maybe at the End of the page) a caveat is made that states all the answers to the questions accordingly. One learns more by that.


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