Five Unchallengeable Facts About The Hausa People

Hausa people

The Hausa tribe is one of the most interesting tribes in Nigeria. Their fascinating culture, beliefs and history added to their interesting lifestyle. They dwell in the northern part of Nigeria and are very large in population. The purpose of writing this article is to enlighten you more about the Hausa people therefore writing out some FACTS about the Hausa People…

1. The Hausa people are highly influential in the society

Lets take a glance at the Nigerian politics, we’ll realize that it is dominated by the Hausa ethnic group and most of the political leaders are from the Hausa tribe. The reason why the Hausa people are being considered as a good politician is the fact that they are good in utilizing opportunities and are also very strategic. Apart from the politics zone, the Hausas are also influential in the religion world.

2. The Hausas are the largest ethnic group in Nigeria

According to the latest national population census, the Hausa people are over 30 million out of the total 160 million population of Nigeria that belongs to over 500 ethnic groups. Out of the three major ethnic group in Nigeria which are Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba, Hausa stands out as the largest of all. In addition, they can be found in other West and Central African countries such as Ghana, Togo, Chad and so on.

3. According to, the Hausas are the 4th Largest Muslim Bloc in the Planet

Nigeria is a multi-religious country with Islam, Christianity and Traditional African religion being the three most popular religions in the country. Due to their Arabic roots, the Hausas are predominantly Muslims and very dedicated to their religion. They are considered the 4th largest Muslim bloc in the world.
Inasmuch as the Hausas are Muslims, they are also strict followers of their tradition and therefore subscribe to the traditional African religion. Most of the religious practices in their African Traditional religion are actually related to Islam and therefore does not contradict or conflict their Islamic beliefs.


4. The Hausas are different in dressing

The dress code of the Hausa people is highly restricted due to the religious or Islamic beliefs. The men dress in a flowing gown known as Babban riga, whose neck is decorated with beautiful embroidery designs, and a long robe called Juanni and Jalabia. Then to complete the dressing, a colourful embroidery cap known as Fula will be added to the outfit.

On the women’s side, they wear a wrapper known as Abaya which is nicely designed with a decorated and colourful cloth with a matching blouse, head tie, and a shawl. The Hausas are well known for this type of unique dressing. You won’t fail to recognize them anywhere you see them with these dressing codes.

Hausa people

5. They are the most hospitable tribe in Nigeria

The Hausa people are gracious and relational, they are used to treating people with respect and honour and they are very easy to make friends with. This is the way of life of the Hausa people as a result of their culture, tradition and religion.
An Hausa friend of mine who was also my schoolmate once sacrificed his break time to look after me because I was sick, his name was Muhammed. I can remember clearly, he said, “Teslim, I have to do this because you are my brother”, though we are not related in any way. If you’ve ever been to Nigeria and you are welcomed by an Hausa, you’ll know they are really caring.

So now, I think you’ll look at the Hausa people from the same or different point of view.

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9 thoughts on “Five Unchallengeable Facts About The Hausa People

  1. You are very very right about the Hausa people. I stumble across this blog on google and found out its so intresting and useful. Please, I’m expecting more articles from you.


  2. You stated all the facts about the Hausa people but you forgot to mention that they are also murdrous, killing their fellow citizens for senseless reasons.


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