Ten Funny Beliefs Among The Yoruba People

Yoruba people

The Yoruba people are well known for their numerous cultural and religious beliefs which guides them mentally, spiritually and morally in life. There are legions of beliefs among the Yoruba people, but here, we are talking about some ten funny ones.

1. Child, teeth and Lizards

I bet it, those who are familiar with this one are laughing right now. It is a normal experience to have some teeth fall-out during childhood days. And whenever this happens, the child or victim will have to wait for another tooth/teeth to grow out of the gum. But in Yorubaland, the people believed that if you don’t throw the tooth/teeth on the roof alongside seven (7) stones and pray that Lizards swallow them, your tooth/teeth may not grow again! That’s it, believe it or not, it won’t grow properly. How come?

2. Eating the meat or fish before finishing the food can result to greediness

If you grow up among the Yoruba people and you didn’t come across this belief, then your childhood must be missing somethings. Children do not dare touch their meat or fish before finishing their food. If they do, they are surely requesting for a knock on their head, or a slap, just because Yoruba mothers believe it will lead to the child being greedy. So, don’t touch that meat, else…..

3. Playing with an umbrella without rain falling

This sound like a normal thing to do. Of course it is, but among the Yoruba people, if you play with an umbrella without rain falling at that moment, they believe that there is going to be continuous rainfall on your wedding day. Who wants this? Nobody! So, don’t play with an umbrella when rain isn’t falling.

4. Ghosts visit their homes on Thursday nights

Why Thursday nights? Why can’t it be any other nights? In Yorubaland, they believe that gnomes visit their homes on Thursday nights to check if everything is in order. This is a warning, don’t take your bae to the backyard on Thursday nights, else both of you wana see a ghost.

5. The rain, the sun and the Tiger

There are some situations whereby the sun will shine during rainfall. It’s not a new thing, it happens frequently, but why? If you ask the scientists, they’ll tell you it’s nature and some….. But if you ask the Yoruba people too. The Yoruba people, they will tell you that a Tiger is giving birth! They believe that whenever this happens, a Tiger is about to be born.

6. Drinking coconut water will make someone’s brain dull

No proof, no evidence, the Yoruba people just believe that drinking the water from coconut will dull someone’s brain. Would you like to have some?

7. The mirror, nightfall and ghosts

The Yoruba people believed that looking at the mirror at night will make you see a ghost as your own reflection. This belief scared the hell outta children?

8. Putting a piece of wool on the head stops hiccups

This is a popular but funny belief among the Yoruba people. They believe this wool method for stopping hiccups work mostly for infants whose skull is still soft.

9. Pregnant women and safety pins

Whenever you see a pregnant woman in Yorubaland with safety pin(s) attached to her dress, there is no other reason behind it than being afraid of spirits entering into her womb. The Yoruba people so much believe in this custom of safety pins preventing spirits from gaining entrance into the womb of a pregnant woman. Hardly will you see a typical Yoruba pregnant woman without safety pinned to her dress.

10. Banana tree can flog people

This sounds funny and crazy? But the Yoruba people don’t joke with it. According to the Yoruba people, if you cut a banana tree with a blade and apply powdered peeper to the surface of the cut, you will be severely flogged by the spirits dwelling inside the banana tree. Don’t try this at home! Hahahaha.

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8 thoughts on “Ten Funny Beliefs Among The Yoruba People

  1. These are chiefly child’s play; they are used either to scare or impart certain moral values in the young ones; while some are just to tease them. Only one or two are really taken serious by the elderly


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