The Omashi Iyi Cave- Anambra

Omashi Iyi caveThe Omashi Iyi cave, also called the Shrine of Omashi Iyi, the oracle of Akpo who was believed to give protection to the land and its people, was a sacred cave situated in the State of Anambra. The cave contains compartments and many narrow cracks in its surface, and also a long tunnel which is about 1km in length.
The cave housed hundreds of sacred bats that have been dweling there since the origin of the sacred cave, hundreds of years ago. This cave is situated in the middle of a semi-circular like stream which flowed to the entrance of the cave to form a pool. The tall trees and the bamboos spread across the site gives the cave a natural look and atmosphere.
Every year, sacrifice is being offered to the gods by the Omashi-Iyi priest, in order to appease the gods and ask for their blessings.
The Omashi Iyi cave is stormed by visitors every year from every part of the country.



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